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Israel at 60-ARZA at 30

The Program Guide and it's Resources

Rejoice, Reflect, Renew

This year, Reform congregations in North America have a unique opportunity to deepen their connection to Israel and to rethink how Israel is expressed within our communities. In the spring of 2008/5768, we marked the beginning of the 60th year of renewed Jewish sovereignty in Israel, and celebrated our Movement’s Zionist activity after 50 years of NFTY in Israel and the 30th anniversary of ARZA.

As a Reform Movement, we:

  • REJOICE on the sacred occasion of Israel’s 60th year of independence
  • REFLECT on our loving, and at times complex, relationships with Israel
  • RENEW our connections to Israel and the greater Jewish People

How? With the help of our Program Guide (and its resources):

We have created exciting programming materials for all ages for study, reflection, and connection. Use them throughout the holiday year and beyond.

Downloads - Access logos, 2 NEW banners and NEW flyers to make your participation a success.


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