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Mar. 30, 2007

The Spring 2007 Issue of the CCAR Journal—An Inquiry into Reform Zionism

The Spring 2007 issue of the CCAR Journal, the largest issue ever, serves as the platform for the latest collection of ideas surrounding Reform Zionism and our Movement’s intellectual and theological connection to Israel and the Jewish people. Containing articles written by North Americans and Israelis, scholars and laity, veteran Zionists and new thinkers, these pieces push our thinking forward as we look to build a new conceptual model for our Movement’s Zionist and Israel activity. These articles represent a sample of the important work of the ARZA Institute for Reform Zionism.


New Resources to Connect Your Congregants with the Ideas in the Journal

ARZA has developed the following resources to help make some key ideas from CCAR Journal articles accessible to our congregants through acts of study, worship and inspiration:



Useful Iyyunei Tefillah for Service Leaders

Based on the article by Peter Knobel, this collection of Iyyunei Tefillah can be used by clergy during worship or as a part of an adult education program focusing on Reform prayer to highlight the new emphasis on Israel and Zion in Mishkan T’filah.



Conversation Starters for Committees and Boards

Drawing from the article by William Cutter, these materials are designed to engage congregational leadership in the conversation of the role of Hebrew in Jewish life. Presented in a format that lends itself to a conversation with a congregational board, religious committee or education committee, the Hebrew as Home unit will raise questions as to the importance of Hebrew beyond decoding classic texts.



Adult Study Material Regarding Separation of Religion and State

At the first gathering of the ARZA Reform Zionist Think Tank in Israel, A. B. Yehoshua presented a powerful argument for the separation of religion and state, suggesting that Judaism and Israel no longer belong together. The adult study materials provided in this packet present Eric Yoffie and Michael Meyer’s response to Yehoshua and create an opportunity for our congregants to participate in a deeply important and troubling conversation about our connections to the land, people and state of Israel.



Chomer Lidrosh for Sermons and Newsletters

Both Stanley Davids and Michael Marmur present new ways of organizing our thinking about Reform Zionism in a systematic manner. These sermonic materials are designed to take the core ideas from their two articles and present them to you as chomer lidrosh in your own thinking and talking about Israel and Zionism from your pulpit. These materials will help you frame these issues as you present your ideas from the bimah or in your monthly newsletter.


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