An ARZA/Israel Shabbat for the Whole Congregation
Nov. 24, 2008

ARZA is happy to share with you this guide for planning a Shabbat observance in your congregation that highlights our people’s connection to the land of Israel through Torah study, story telling, music and of course, food. We hope you will find these materials flexible enough to use with pre-schoolers or seniors, Friday night only or for a complete Shabbaton.

Click here for a complete copy of the ARZA/Israel Shabbat materials

This piece is a part of ARZA’s ongoing effort to provide congregations and individuals with meaningful resources to make Israel a more integral part of our Jewish lives. As you plan a Shabbat with an Israel theme, we strongly encourage you to use some of your time to share information about ARZA and the role we play through our domestic and international agendas. There are many ways for Jews to support Israel, but by doing so through ARZA you can be confident that our values as Reform Jews are reflected in that support and that our concern for tikkun olam in the U.S. and in Israel are given the highest regard.

It would be amazing if every Jew could travel to Israel and experience it first-hand.  But until that’s possible, ARZA hopes programs like these can help bring Israel to your community. 


Click here to help build a more inclusive, democratic Israeli society



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