JNF/ARZA GoNeutral Synagogue Affiliate Program
Apr. 21, 2009

As a global environmental leader, Jewish National Fund (JNF) wants to help connect your congregants to issues of world-wide environmental concern and Israel. The Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA), the Israel arm and voice of the Reform Movement in the U.S., endeavors to make Israel fundamental to the sacred lives and Jewish identity of Reform Jews. Together, we are pleased to offer your congregation an opportunity to help our environment and support Israel by participating in the JNF GoNeutral/ARZA Synagogue Affiliate Program.

By joining the JNF/ARZA GoNeutral Synagogue Affiliate program:

  • JNF and ARZA will provide a link to the JNF website to be placed on your own synagogue’s website. Visit http://support.jnf.org/goneutral/affiliate.html to sign up or for more information. After you sign up, your synagogue will encourage individual congregational families through congregational advertising to use the JNF GoNeutral carbon calculator to offset their personal impact on the environment. They can choose to plant trees in Israel to offset their carbon emissions and lessen their environmental footprint OR support JNF’s important environmental initiatives on developing alternative sources of energy.
  • JNF and ARZA will provide a flyer for you to send to congregants and will send a guide to you with step by step instructions for implementing and promoting the program (including a sample bulletin article – click here) as well as resources with programming ideas.
  • JNF will donate 20% of all donations received through this link to your congregation and 5% to ARZA on a quarterly basis for environmental and Israel activities.
  • JNF will provide you with outstanding educational content, program ideas and activities that complement ARZA’s Israel programming resources. This guidance will be an excellent opportunity to get a congregational volunteer involved to lead these programs and initiatives.

JNF has planted over 240 million trees in the land of Israel, which have absorbed about 110 million tons of carbon dioxide from the air. This, along with all of their other cutting edge environmental work, puts them in a unique position to be a leader in the global environmental movement.  An important example of their work can be found at Kibbutz Lotan – one of two Reform Kibbutzim in Israel supported by ARZA– where they have a commitment to “Eco-Zionism”.  Besides trees being planted on the kibbutz, JNF has worked in partnership with Lotan to build wetlands for migratory birds, installing solar panels to create energy for the region and more. 

The JNF/ARZA GoNeutral Synagogue Affiliate program is a terrific way to support Israel, the environment and your own congregation - a win-win-win!!  Visit http://support.jnf.org/goneutral/affiliate.html to sign up or for more information (be sure to click on ARZA when it asks how you heard about the program!).  Or you can call Marlene Dodinval, ARZA Great Lakes Regional Director, 847-239-6974.


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