Israeli Rabbinical Statement on Boycott Legislation
Jul. 18, 2011

מר"ם – מועצת הרבנים המתקדמים בישראל

MARAM – The Israeli Council of Reform rabbis

You shall surely rebuke your fellow – you shall not bear his sin

(Leviticus 19.17)

The commandment to protest an injustice, to oppose oppression and to protect others against evildoers is one of the foundations of Judaism. The Jewish tradition teaches that leaders, educators and rabbis who witness an injustice and do not protest – their idiotic silence is seen as approval (Talmud Gittin 57.a)

The right to make a clear and sharp public statement and the civic act that attempts to transform a distorted reality - these are basic to democracy. The right to express an opinion, to persuade, to organize – these are the most important human rights. Without them neither society nor state can survive. Those who support the settlements and those who oppose them, those disturbed by the boycott of Israel and those disturbed by our losing our moral compass, right or left – all must have freedom in our society.

The "Boycott Law" recently enacted by the Israeli Knesset attacks the humanity of all. The majority is acting like a bully by attempting to prevent those with opposing opinions, those committed to a different moral stand, from expressing and fighting for them. This is an unprecedented dangerous step onto a slippery slope that continuously erodes the Jewish character and democratic nature of Israel. This law should not have been passed, we are forbidden to accept it. It is a mitzvah to protest it and fight it until it is rescinded.

We Reform rabbis of Israel (MARAM) are obligated, before God and people, to fight for justice and integrity, to the honor all people and to love of our fellow human being. We are committed to the love of Israel and to preserving the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

We call upon all who yearn for truth and justice, fairness and equality, whatever their Zionist political view, to join us in the struggle against the "Boycott Law". Demonstrate solidarity with all who might be harmed by it in the future. We call on rabbis of all streams and to clergy from our sister faiths in Israeli society to join forces in educational- religious activities to strengthen Israeli democracy and in the struggle against those who are attempting to destroy it.

July 2011, Tammuz 5771

מר"ם - מועצת הרבנים המתקדמים בישראל, רח' דוד המלך 13, ירושלים, טלפון


הרב מיה ליבוביץ' אב"ד – הרב יהורם מזור רכזת – הרבה גליה סדן טל.



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