ARZA Statement on Demonstrations in Israel
Aug. 9, 2011
Rabbi Robert Orkand, President
Rabbi Daniel Allen, Executive Director
Rabbi Daniel Allen

New York, August 9, 2011-- "The religious duty of the Jew is to participate in the process of continuous redemption, in seeing that justice prevails over power." A.J.Heschel - Echo of Eternity

Rabbis and members of the Israel Reform Movement led Shabbat services at many of the tent communities in Israel this past Shabbat. They were participants in the mass Saturday night demonstrations for justice that attracted more than 300,000 Israelis. The Reform leaders led dozens of readings of Lamentations on Monday night and Tuesday to commemorate Tisha B'av, to recall not only the destruction of the two ancient Jewish Temples but also to demonstrate solidarity with the call for social justice that led to these demonstrations. The newly appointed head of the Israel Government Commission to address housing needs is a member of an Israeli Reform congregation.

We stand with all those in Israel who are now demanding a more just and equitable society. Education should be free and universal and not require one set of fees for some but not for others. Affordable housing must be made available to all residents of Israel, not just to one segment of Israeli society. Equity demands that all able bodied citizens participate in the defense of the State.

ARZA, the Israel voice of the American Reform movement, stands shoulder to shoulder with those in Israel who are striving for justice. We stand with those who desire a better life for every Israeli citizen.

The Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA) is the Israel voice of the Reform Movement in the United States, and seeks to make Israel fundamental to the sacred lives and Jewish identities of Reform Jews. ARZA champions and supports activities that help build an inclusive and democratic Israeli society. Find out more at

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