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About ARZA

Our Mission
The official mission statement of the Association of Reform Zionists of America.

History of ARZA
The history of ARZA since its inception in 1978.

Our Leadership
ARZA's officers are instrumental to our ability to function as a vibrant organization. Without the monumental work of our president, vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer and associate treasurer, we could not continue to provide our valuable service to the Reform Jewish community.

Rabbinic Council
ARZA's Rabbinic Council is comprised of Reform Rabbis committed to strengthening the relationship between their colleagues and Israel and their congregants and Israel. The advancement of Reform Zionism and knowledge of Israel in North America will help fulfill ARZA's mission to aid in creating an Israeli pluralistic society so that all Jews have a voice.

Awards and Recognition
Information about ARZA's Roland Gittelsohn Award and B'nai Mitzvah certificates.

Frequently asked questions about ARZA.

Support and Advocacy for the Reform Movement in Israel
The IMPJ, Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, and its institutions are fundamental elements of ARZA's mission

Contact us
ARZA's professional staff.


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