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Conducting an ARZA Membership Campaign at Your Congregation:
(a resource for ARZA/Israel committee chairs, Rabbis and administrators)

Welcome back to those who are already participating in ARZA membership campaigns, and thank you to those who are joining today! By promoting ARZA membership, you and your congregants are helping ARZA build an inclusive, democratic Israeli society. We designed these membership materials specifically to make it easy for you to promote an annual ARZA membership campaign. However, we know that every congregation is different. So please feel free to adapt any of these materials to reflect your congregation’s style and culture.

There are two general ways to encourage your congregants to join ARZA (see below). The cost is only $36 per individual/family for an entire year. We hope you will find this first set of resources helpful, whether you choose the first or second option:

1. Congregational "Check-Off" Membership Campaign
Congregations on "check-off" include ARZA on their temple dues statements to all congregants. Here are three approaches for "check-off" congregations:

Automatic: ARZA dues are automatically included for each congregational member by a vote of the board or congregation.
Check-off: ARZA dues appear as a line item on the bill and the congregant can elect to join ARZA.
Opt-out: ARZA dues appear as a line item on the bill, but the congregant can opt out.

Download the Congregational Check Off Membership Kit. The kit includes samples of: a letter to congregants, a congregational dues statement, a stuffer (four-color insert), and a memo to your Executive Director/Administrator.

Please e-mail for editable Word versions of the letter and memo.

2. Direct Appeal Membership Campaign : A letter from your congregation’s leadership is sent to every congregant (potentially when you send out your annual dues billing) that encourages them to use and enclosed “tear-off” sheet to make a pledge or write a check directly to ARZA.

Download the Direct Appeal Membership Kit. It contains samples of: a letter to congregants, an ARZA membership form/tear off sheet, and a stuffer (four-color insert).

Please e-mail for editable Word versions of the letter and membership form.

Questions or Comments?

Central District: Email Marlene Dodinval

Western District: Email David Barzilai

Checks should be made out to ARZA, and mailed to us at:

633 Third Ave., 7th Floor
New York, NY 10017


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