Do you feel upset, angry, saddened, or even baffled by recent moves to undermine Religious Equality in Israel?

These issues aren't just political, they are personal.


That is why ARZA is launching the #ShareYourStory project. We are adding the faces and voices of real people from America, Israel, and around the world to the cause. This Fall we are building a story bank, collecting from as many people as possible--add your story today!


The Chief Rabbinate and other ultra-Orthodox political parties are expanding their monopoly over religious issues to impose one narrow agenda across the country. Jews who hold progressive values are advocating for recognition, fairness, and equality. Add your voice to our movement. Tell us why it matters to YOU that Israel remain a state for ALL JEWS.


#ShareYourStory covers a variety of topics including:

  • The Western Wall Agreement
  • Gender Equality
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • The Conversion Bill
  • Marriage and Divorce Laws
  • Public Observance of Shabbat and Holidays


Join in the #ShareYourStory project through this link: Add your face, voice and unique story to the growing number of Progressive Jews saying enough is enough--we deserve acceptance and recognition in the Jewish State!