Support Religious Freedom in Israel

Campaign for Religious Equality

The Campaign for Religious Equality (CFRE) is the way to build the Reform Movement in Israel. Ultra-Orthodox parties in Israel have accumulated control over religious expression to the detriment of all other Jewish streams. Bodies like the Chief Rabbinate dictate everything from marriage and divorce to kashrut certifications. The destructiveness of this level of power and control have been seen through repeated violent clashes as the Western Wall, and most recently in the passage of the Nation-State Bill.

Progressive values are under attack in Israel, and we as the Reform Movement have an obligation to invest in building a more equal, democratic and pluralistic Jewish State. The Campaign for Religious Equality is designed to strengthen the Reform Movement on the ground in Israel, to bolster our progressive Israeli siblings as they fight for recognition and respect, and for a Jewish Homeland welcoming of all Jews.


 The CFRE Resources Kit includes the following:




1. Print in your newsletter, include in your congregation weekly emails, and mail to your entire congregation


Edit to meet the needs of your congregation and paste into your printed newsletter

Include specific ways your congregation is involved with congregations in Israel


2. Mail and Email to a segmented list of members

Who are you most passionate for Israel members?

Who travels to Israel regularly?

Who are the families who advocate for increasing Israel education and Israel programming?

Who are your community leaders who are philanthropically involved with giving to Israel?

Who are your congregation leaders who have mentioned their deep connections to Israel?


Continue to include information about the Campaign for Religious Equality in your newsletters and sermons.