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Carmel Fire - Israel Emergency Fund

An update on Carmel Fire rebuilding efforts.
On Thursday, December 2, a wildfire broke out in Israel's Carmel Forest near Usfiya village. The fire spread rapidly over the next four days until it was finally extinguished on December 6. In total, 42 people were killed, and 17,000 were forced to evacuate.
The fire happened not far from IMPJ Congregation Or Hadash. Read a letter from Rabbi Edgar Nof, as he shares his perspective on the tragedy. Support the IMPJ and congregations like Or Hadash by continuing to contribute to ARZA, at times of trouble, and throughout the year.
Rabbi Gabby Dagan is the rabbi of the Reform congregation Ohel Avraham in Haifa, and the rabbi of the junior-high section at the city’s Leo Baeck Education Center
There is much evidence that shows that the Carmel Mountain was inhabited in prehistoric eras beginning approximately a million years ago. In the twentieth century, scientists uncovered the remains of a Neanderthal, Homo sapiens, and early modern humans, including the skeleton of a Neanderthal female, which is regarded as one of the most important human fossils ever found. The modern traveler can visit the caves and learn how our prehistoric ancestors lived.
Our dear friends,

Few hours ago Israel homeland security minister announced the end of the massive operation to stop the fire in the Carmel area. The Israeli troops will remain in the area during the next few days and the overseas support teams will start their way home tomorrow morning.

At the White House Chanukah Reception, President Obama began by offering condolences to the loved ones of those who've died as a result of the forest fire in Israel.

Carmel Fire

The worst fire in Israel’s history roared across Haifa and the Carmel Forest fueled by drought and strong winds. More than 40 lives were lost, most with young families at home, one a 16 year old volunteer.  Thankfully, there were heavy rains over the region Sunday night, providing a strong hand of support to the international fire-fighting force and allowing them to get the fire under control.  We are grieved for those who lost their lives. We are sorrowful for the loss of homes, forests, animals, and the scarring of our sacred land. Yet, we are also hopeful.

You can help. ARZA and the URJ, with our partners, the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, will help rebuild human lives through the IMPJ Humanitarian Fund.  Contributing to our Carmel Fire-Israel Emergency Fund* is one more way for you to participate in building Israel, the land that we love.

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*Neither ARZA nor the URJ withholds any overhead costs for Emergency Funds, with the exception of direct costs such as credit card fees.


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