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Adult Education

One Heart Two Homes

A five-session adult education program that addresses the deep, personal issues surrounding the question, “Why should I, an American Reform Jew, have arelationship with Israel?” The curriculum was created in partnership with Hadassah.

The curriculum developed by ARZA can be used:

  • In rabbi’s study sessions
  • As a stand alone mini-course.
  • As weekend Study Theme.
  • As a parent study series.
  • As a part of an Introduction to Judaism course.
  • As a part of a parallel parent component to a Sunday morning family education program.
  • In conjunction with a congregational trip to Israel (pre-study, study while in Israel, or study/reflection upon return).
  • Contact our offices for more information on how to use this wonderful curriculum.

E-mail us at arza@arza.org for a copy of the full program and the special PowerPoint Supplement for Educators.

Faces of Reform Aliyah

This Educational Kit contains materials designed to engage your congregation with Israel through authentic and familiar stories and to expose them to a unique dimension of Reform involve-ment in Israel. Iniside you'll find the faces and voices of North American Reform Jews who have linked their faith and future with Israel. Some have expressed that connection by making Aliyah and relocating their lives to Israel, some divide their time between Israel and North America, and others are still wrestling with the options.

The materials in the Educational Kit include:

  • A 9-minute DVD recently filmed in Israel.
  • A resource booklet which includes nine autobiographical texts portraying different angles and views on the subject.
  • A beautiful set of posters presenting the people at the center of each story.
  • To read more about these innovative educational materials, and for information on ordering a kit, click here.

Our Israel: A Reform Response

This guidebook was originally prepared in response to the 2006 war in Lebanon and was re-released during the 2008-2009 crisis in Gaza. These materials are helpful as you guide your congregants, your students, your friends, and your own minds and souls through troubled times.

You will find these topics addressed in Our Israel: A Reform Response (click on the links below)

For Everyone:

For Rabbis and Cantors:

For Clergy, Educators and Lay Leaders:

Adult Learning Sessions about

For Religious School Educators

Click here to download the entire Our Israel: A Reform Response resource guidebook

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!


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