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Creating a Successful Israel Travel Experience for Your Congregation
Rabbi Daniel Gropper of the Community Synagogue of Rye New York and a member of the ARZA Travel Committee has furnished the following materials to help your congregation plan its trip to Israel. Please review them and adapt them for your next congregational trip to Israel.

Pre Israel Travel Study Document
A Blessing for Traveling to Israel
Cover Letter Example
Israel Divrei Torah
Reflections on Israel Divrei Torah
Ten Things To Do Before and After Your Trip
Israel Trip Siddur
Post Trip Reflections

The Israel Ministry of Tourism - www.goIsrael.com

Places of interest in Israel for Reform Jewish travelers:

Other helpful resources:

Journey in Hertzl's Footsteps: Seven frenetic days traveling with Herzl to Paris, Basel, Vienna, Budapest and Israel, reliving the times and events that gave rise to the Zionist movement, celebrating the triumph of the Zionist idea together with Jewish communities of Europe, concluding with the celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut on Mt. Herzl in Israel.



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